Understanding Internet Insurance Leads

Although some economists promise that we are "over the hump" Americans know that the economy is still tough for many people. The results are far reaching and it has even impacted the quality and availability of life insurance leads. Given the difficulty of getting qualified prospects, it is more important than ever to have a strategy. Leads for insurance agents—whether you want life, health, long term care or mortgage life insurance leads—need to be gathered with the help of modern technology, a quality reputable lead generation service and your own personal ingenuity.

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A success story in purchasing internet leads begins with a clear cut ability to offer people exactly what they think they are looking for. People utilize the internet to search for insurance because it is perceived as non-threatening. After all, you can provide minimal information, to receive a quote that you can evaluate without any pressure.

With the exception of mortgage insurance, most people are looking for either life or heath insurance. Health Insurance leads could be for Long Term Care Insurance, Medicare Supplement (for seniors), Medicare Advantage Plans, Prescription Drug Plans, Disability Insurance, or Private Major Medical Insurance.

Life Insurance leads are usually requests for quotes on Term Life. That’s because people purchase more Term life than anything else. They know that Term life is more affordable and will most likely fit into their budget. Although, you may be able to guide your clients towards alternative options; term life is a great jumping off point for discussion.

Many agents have found that it is a mistake to take a Term Life lead and immediately give a person a quote for a Universal or Whole Life policy. Whole life insurance may be the right insurance for their needs, but many times the price is intimidating. Remember, the vast majority of people are largely concerned with price first and foremost! The decision to explore other options needs to be done carefully with their best interest at heart.

Insurance policies can be like comparing apples and oranges, so it is important that before you explore pricing, you are able to clearly delineate the pros and cons of each option. Begin, by presenting an option for exactly the type of insurance they are seeking. It is so important in sales, that the customer feels like you are paying attention to their needs/wants. The next step? Setting an appointment!

The physical appointment will really allow you to explore the client's long term needs and goals. A needs analysis will help you determine, if a term life insurance policy is their best option. After all - it might be! If you determine that the person truly needs a term policy or alternatively a whole life policy, explain the differences and the benefits of one option over another.

If the person agrees with you that they need something more permanent than the term, begin by offering a combination—perhaps a small whole life with a large term rider, compared with a whole life (or universal if that is your specialty) that provides the entire needed coverage. A skillful sales person can gently steer a person’s choice to the right type of policy without making the person feel like he/she has been “sold.”

Our network's lead generation service has a reputation for gathering quality leads that will help you achieve success! When you are shopping for the best quality leads, keep a few things in mind. The phrase "exclusive leads" should present warning bells. It is very difficult to truly guarantee exclusivity, since prospects often enter their information a number of times, as they compare quotes. Additionally, many companies cross sell their leads. So, unless you are working with a company that conducts their own advertising and solely distributes leads to their agents, be wary! Instead count on dependable companies offering competitive prices that you can re-visit again and again.

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