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Insurance AgentUse Technology to Acquire Leads
Insurance agents know that the most challenging aspect of business is keeping a steady supply of quality leads—not tire-kickers, or curiosity seekers—but real people who have awakened to their need for an insurance product. We do not actually provide these leads ourselves, but rather direct you to the best services that use technology and real time information to connect you with your next customer within minutes of the time the person completes a user friendly form.

How Do I Get Started?
In order to receive your first batch of leads, you will need to sign-up – completing your profile, selecting your geographic area and applying a nominal downpayment.  You can see the cost for each type of lead and choose only the type that you want. You can also apply filters so that you eliminate unqualified leads, such as people with health conditions that you know you cannot help.

Your geographic area is based on zip codes. Usually you would reserve the first three digits and add more as you need to or as the zip codes become available. The actual cost of each lead varies, depending on the type and on whether it comes to you "live" at the instant a prospect asks for information or is sent from an inventory of leads. Discount leads are sent from inventory and have already been sent to other agents, but may not have resulted in a sale.

The purchase price is your total price per lead. You will not be surprised with fees or commissions later on. You prepay for the number of leads you want, and when your fund is used up, you simply apply payment for additional leads.

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Where Do The Leads Come From?
We have a network of financial websites that people use to indicate their need for insurance products.  People who need insurance search for these sites using the most popular search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing and Ask. They then complete a simple form where they indicate the type of insurance they need and provide their names, addresses, and other important contact information. They expect to be contacted by a licensed agent very quickly.

The lead is sent instantly to you and at the same time, your professional bio, your photo, if provided, and company information is sent to the prospect. The leads are not directly solicited, but come from customers who are searching for your product. The leads are sent to only one professional.

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How Much Does Each Lead Cost?
The price for a lead will vary depending on the type of lead purchased and whether it is a "live instant lead" or a "discount lead" in current inventory. A good lead service puts you in control. You can determine how many leads you want and when you have enough. You can request or drop zipcodes whenever you like and there is no time commitment or contract to sign. Quality leads are guaranteed. If a contact turns out to be invalid, outside of your area, or unqualified according to the parameters you enter, you lead account is promptly credited.

Knocking on doors for insurance is a thing of the past. Your best customers have computers and search for products of all kinds on the internet. If you want your business to be as successful as it can be, you need to take advantage of the same technology.

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