Insurance Agents—put your sales over the top this year with real time life and health insurance leads.

Health & Life AgentExclusive, High Quality Sales Leads are now being offered for Life, Disability Income, Health, Annuity, 401K Rollover and Long Term Care.

When the economy is bad, people naturally curtail spending on what they perceive is unnecessary. However, very few people regard their life or health insurance as a luxury. While some may cut back on long term care benefits to save premium and others may give up their privately owned disability insurance, many morehaving suddenly realized that the insurance “on the job” is neither life long nor even guaranteed for the presentare online looking for a more secure alternative. You can make sure you survive the recession by making yourself available to the new insurance shoppers.  Let us help you find them and increase your sales today.
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The procedure is easy…
A consumer identifies a product of interest and is directed to one of our network websites from virtually any search engine. He/she completes an easy, non-invasive questionnaire. 

Once the prospect has submitted their information, he/she immediately receives an email which introduces you and your company:

  • Your name and contact information

  • A photograph of you

  • Your company logo and information

  • Your professional bio which tells the prospect whom to expect

You also receive information about the prospect and follow up with a phone call. The prospect has already seen your name and is prepared for your call.

You'll be provided with the highest quality leads in the business. If you do get a lead that is invalid, it will be promptly credited to your account so you only pay for valid leads.

Don’t let the current financial crisis disrupt your future.  Take control this year and apply for lead service now. Fill in the request form to check pricing and see the available leads in your area.

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