Accuterm.net offers a unique perspective to insurance brokers and agents. We have personally worked in the insurance field as agents and understand your professional concerns and needs. We know that high quality exclusive leads pave the way towards success, and allow you to maximize your time in the field while increasing your sales!

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Through our extensive network, we are able to provide you with the very best leads available online! Because whether you are selling health, disability, long term care, annuity, 401k, whole or term life insurance, you want to start each day off on the best possible foot. After all, who wants to waste valuable time cold calling, when you could be closing the deal.

Our mission is simple. We strive to provide each consumer that visits our website in search of insurance with expert and personal advice! Our clients are provided with information and support that enables them to make an informed decision about which insurance plan best suits their needs. The final step is putting them in touch with you – a professional agent, who will continue to help them along their way.

Because of our client's confidence in our services, you can be assured that the leads provided are among the best in the insurance industry and that each one is pre-qualified. Each lead is generated by an individual within your Zip Code area, who has expressed an interest in purchasing your product.

We invite you to begin experiencing the difference good leads can make. Simply complete the sign-up form and a network representative will be contacting you to walk you through the process. Give it a try – we are positive that you will be thrilled with your results!

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