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Agent/ ProspectFinding those prospects
Those who have been involved in insurance for 10 years or more stay in it for a reason. That’s because it can be a very lucrative business, one with flexibility and lot of freedom to pursue your own interests and make a living at the same time.

However, insurance also has one of the largest change-overs in agents—perhaps second only to those in the fast-food industry. Why? Because the people who need and are willing to buy your insurance don’t come knocking at your door. Usually, insurance is the last thing on a person’s mind unless some “event” takes place to remind them that they really need insurance. It could be a death in the family or a major illness of a friend—something that reminds them that maybe their own insurance isn't what it should be. When that happens, where do they go? They may go to an agency in town with a sign hanging out and a reasonably good reputation. Often, however, before knocking at the door of a brick and mortar establishment, they will knock on the “internet door.” People like the idea of getting quotes from the privacy of their own home.

Companies usually don’t just send out quotes and leave the person to go find an office or order an application. Instead they send the name and other information to the agents in their database who are able to offer services to that prospect. You won’t sell to every person who inquires, but you are likely to sell to a lot more people who expressed even a curiosity than you are to those you might find at home in a cold-calling adventure.

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People look for many different types of insurance once they recognize their own need. You might find people looking for disability insurance, long term care insurance, safe, fixed annuities, and good health insurance as well as dependable whole life insurance policies. They may have come to the internet thinking about life insurance, but, as you know, most websites offer information on a variety of insurance policies. People often don’t know that they have a need until someone points it out to them. The lead generation websites help accomplish that.

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Most lead generation companies do not send mass emails in hopes of attracting one or two interested people. They wait for the prospect to come to them via the web forms. The same applies to agents. You won’t get leads if you don’t let the web service know that you need them. You need to register, make sure you understand the terms and provide the areas where you work—usually via a list of zip codes.

The lead service company then gathers information from the prospect. Our service has several sales lead companies in our network. The prospect information is passed along to one of them and is then sent to you via email.

Leads will contain the names, addresses and phone numbers of people who have inquired about insurance. You should contact them as quickly as possible. If you have the ability to get email on your cell phone, you can call the person back within minutes of receiving the information.

The sooner you contact the prospect, the better your chances of making the sale. The person probably put off purchasing insurance in the past, and if you don’t catch them while they feel the need, the urgency will fade.

You can request leads for any type of product you sell, for example;

  • Disability

  • Health

  • Annuity

  • Long term care

  • 401K

  • Term Life

  • Whole Life

Leads you can afford
Our network works very hard to give you the lowest available prices for the type of lead you want. Lead prices vary widely; while there may be some lead companies with “dirt cheap” leads, you might just get what you pay for in terms of quality. We do our best to provide you with the best leads available for a fair price. Additionally, we don’t charge listing fees, setup fees or promotion fees that really just benefit the lead service.

People often procrastinate about buying insurance. The successful insurance agents do not procrastinate about finding a source of good leads.

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How Does the Process Work?

1st Step
A prospect searches online for the insurance he/she needs.

2nd Step
This prospect completes an easy questionnaire and perhaps takes time to read some or our informative insurance articles.

3rd Step
Before leaving the website, the prospect receives your name and phone number and information that you will be contacting them. You can even provide us with personal information so the prospect almost feels like they know you.

  • Your company logo

  • Your picture

  • Your experience bio

  • Quotes of satisfied clients

4th Step
The prospect expects your call and is pleased to hear you get back to them so quickly.
Depending on your location, you may be able to conduct some of the business over the phone, but some companies require a face to face meeting, paper application and hand delivery of a policy. In any case, it is good practice to find some occasion to meet the client. You are much more likely to keep the business—and find additional business in the same household or get referrals if you establish a personal relationship. Also, when you talk to them, whether it is over the phone or in person, keep a few notes. Your ability to “remember” details they may have confided to you will create the impression that you care about their needs.

Keeping your clients
An experienced sales leader once said that one policy placed in a house gets you a sale. Two policies equal a client. It is true that the more business you have in a single household, the more likely you are to become the trusted agent to whom they will turn and will send their friends when other insurance needs arise. And that is how people who have been in the business for 10 or more years manage to both stay and prosper in the insurance industry.

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